Cloud vs. Data Center Solutions

All aspects of business today rely on data, and it is a critical part of the functionality of any organization. Collecting data securely and storing it safely is a priority for business owners. Get it wrong and you could face legal action or lose valuable intelligence. You know there’s more than one way to store your company’s data, but how do cloud vs data center solutions stack up against each other?

Cloud or Data Center: The Difference

Whether you opt for a cloud solution or a data center, the crucial difference between the two facilities is the location. Data centers store data either on your premises or at a physically remote location. Data is stored under a managed service setup. Cloud-based services store data outside of your physical building and can be accessed anywhere on the internet. Both systems have advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider when deciding which one is the best solution for your company.


Security is one of the major factors when deciding between cloud vs data center solutions, and it is vital. In a cloud-based solution, a business entrusts its data security to a third party that will need to have all the required security certifications. There are advantages, as the data is accessible from anywhere by anyone with the correct credentials. 

However, this also means that all access points need to be protected. As opposed to the virtual connection of the cloud, data centers are physically connected to the company’s network. Only people from the company with the correct credentials can access the network. Data centers are also responsible for their own security.


Another issue to consider is the management of the system. In a virtual setup such as the cloud, there is a consistent platform and the company doing the hosting of the service is responsible for security. However, in a managed data center there are professional teams that maintain the service and ensure updates and other security measures are in place and regularly checked. That could save a significant amount of work and worryfor your business.


When choosing the right type of data storage for your business, the amount of information and data you currently have or will generate in the future makes a difference. A data system, mainly when housed on your premises, has limited capacity. Managed data systems operated remotely have the capacity for significantly more data storage. A cloud-based system has unlimited storage abilities based on the package you buy. However, you have very limited control over the hardware, as the cloud vendor manages the system.


The price of managing your data is another important factor to consider, as it affects your business expenses. A cloud-based system is generally cheaper, but you need to look at what you are getting for your money and whether the deal covers all the services you need. Data center system management may be more expensive but will include security and other managed services such as staff training and IT updates that will make the investment worth it.

The Right Partner

Whether you choose a cloud-based system or have a managed data center solution for your company, the vital thing is making sure you secure the right IT management for your business. Reach out to Nuvek to learn more about our managed services and data center solutions.

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