Are Online Backup Services Safe?

Leveraging the power of multi-layered security with a focus on high-grade encryption, secure connections, physical security, and more, when done correctly, bring peace of mind. Are online backup services safe for your business’s data?

Businesses run on data, and that data needs to be protected. There’s even a World Backup Day, an annual reminder for people to back up their data. As technology changes and develops, so do the ways organizations store their data.

For years, external hard drives and USBs were the go-to methods, but that all changed with the cloud. In particular, cloud hosting services from secure data centers have become increasingly common.

What Are Data Centers?

Malware, hacking, spyware, and other cybersecurity concerns remain obvious threats. However, for the physical aspect of IT security, companies should consider data centers. Acting as a physical location to store and compute data, data centers offer secure, temperature-controlled facilities. This is imperative for disaster recovery.

Simply put, data centers are the location where your data is stored. They focus on two fundamental things: data storage and network infrastructure. These data centers allow businesses to concentrate less on managing the infrastructure and more on critical business operations.

How Do Data Centers Keep Data Safe?

Data centers take several security measures, implementing everything from surveillance systems to security guards. At the very least, data centers will require:

  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). In the event of a power outage, servers and other equipment keep running with UPS units and backup generators.
  • Environmental controls. Due to the immense amount of heat generated by high-powered technology, data centers implement controls to keep equipment cool. This helps prevent failures and the reduced lifespan of server components.
  • Security systems. To ensure the highest level of privacy and security, several measures are taken, such as locked server cages, biometric access systems, and high-tech surveillance.

How Does an Online Back Service Work?

The basic rule for data protection is that if losing the data will affect your ability to do business, you need to back it up. If you decide to store data at a data center, you do not need to choose this option over online backup services. There are “hybrid” options to ensure the highest level of security and efficiency. In this case, you can opt for a combination of public and private cloud storage. Working with a service provider that offers custom IT support solutions will be your best bet.

When you partner with an online backup service, your files are encrypted before they’re uploaded to a data center’s storage servers, through a secure connection, of course. Methods such as SSL encryption help establish a secure connection so that data successfully transfers without fear of being interrupted or hacked.

Once your files reach the cloud, additional layers of protection are added so that others cannot access your data. While working with online backup providers, your data will be encrypted at your location, during transit, and at rest in your data center.

When backing up to a service provider, a cloud service provider offers backup services in a managed data center.

Partner with a Data Center

If you rely on your hard drive to store critical data, you risk losing that data, or worse. After all, employees are, unintentionally, the number one cause of data breaches. Research from Stanford found employees’ mistakes cause 88% of data breaches.

Make online backup services a priority! In today’s digital world, there will always be risks. Nuvek’s tried and true support model assists your business as it moves forward. Our tailored IT solutions will give your team an advantage over the competition! Get in touch with Nuvek today.

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