What Is a Tier 3 Data Center?

Data centers centralize your IT operations so you can process and share data at scale and speed. There are different kinds of data centers that come with different benefits and provide you comprehensive options based on your needs for protection against power outages, cybercrime, and human error. Have you heard of a Tier 3 data center?

A Tier 3 data center guarantees more uptime, availability, and performance than lower-tier facilities for much-needed peace of mind. No longer will you need to worry about downtime jeopardizing your business reputation.

Learn more about Tier 3 data centers below and the benefits these facilities can bring to your business.

What Is a Tier 3 Data Center?

Such a data center provides you with the resources to collect, process, and distribute business-critical data. These facilities have advanced power and cooling capabilities that improve performance and reduce downtime, making them a worthwhile investment for any local business.

Working with a local Tier 3 service provider gives you even more value because an experienced professional updates and maintains this equipment without taking it offline. 

What Are the Benefits of a Tier 3 Data Center?

A Tier 3 data center has an expected uptime of around 99.98 percent. For the average business in Idaho, that’s only around an hour-and-a-half of downtime every year. Compare that with a tier 2 data center (with an expected uptime of around 99.74 percent) or a tier 1 data center (about 99.67 percent), and you can see why so many business owners are keen to upgrade. For an outsider, it might seem like there’s little difference in these percentages, but a data center of this caliber truly offers advanced protection.

Other benefits of a this category of data center include:

  • A Tier 3 data center is N+1 fault-tolerant, meaning it provides at least 72 hours of power outage protection. 
  • You can protect more of your data from cybercriminals when you invest in one of these data centers. 
  • A local Tier 3 expert can maintain this operations without interrupting your day-to-day IT operations. 

How Does a Tier 3 Data Center Work?

This kind of data center improves uptime and optimizes performance in various ways. It has multiple power circulation paths that enhance capacity and powe IT components like network links and dual-powered servers with independent energy and cooling resources. The result? A data center that serves your business needs.

Before You Go

A Tier 3 data center solves some of the biggest challenges associated with IT maintenance for your business. These facilities come with greater uptime, availability, and security benefits than lower-tier data centers, helping you improve continuity and reduce downtime across your organization.

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