Does Your Business Need Co-Location Hosting?

You might be interested in co-location hosting, an offering that boasts advanced security, scalability, uptime reliability, and data backup and recovery for businesses like yours. It’s a type of data center facility where organizations purchase equipment, bandwidth, and server storage space from a vendor. If you’re not familiar with co-location hosting, you need to know more about it.

This concept is relatively new, but it’s turned the traditional data center model on its head by improving resource allocation and expanding interconnectivity options for millions of businesses worldwide. It significantly reduces downtime, hardware failures, power outages, and other seriously stressful interruptions to your business.

Here’s everything you should know to decide if your business needs co-location hosting.

Co-Location Hosting: Explained

Think of co-location hosting like an enormous housing complex where tenants lease individual apartments. Those apartments exist in the same space, but each unit houses different residents. With co-location, businesses don’t rent apartments; instead they rent bandwidth, server storage facilities, and other data center components from a vendor. The concept is like managed hosting but with a few differentiating nuances.

The main reason an organization would invest in co-location hosting is for extra protection against power outages, hardware failures, and other common IT infrastructure challenges. Or, maybe they don’t have the time, staff, or resources to manage their data center infrastructure anymore.

Co-location hosting provides them with a solution, and it could revolutionize your IT operations, too.

Why Your Business Needs Co-Location Hosting

Imagine you had to build and maintain your own data center. Now imagine someone did all the building and maintenance for you. With co-location hosting, you rent the server space and resources you require from a third-party provider. You bring the servers. The provider brings everything else—building, cooling, storage space, security, backup and recovery, you name it. IT maintenance suddenly becomes much, much easier.

Benefits of Co-Location Hosting

The benefits of this data center model are almost limitless:

Security/Data Governance

The best co-location vendors take security seriously, ensuring that cybercriminals can’t get their hands on your data. These vendors also comply with data governance frameworks like GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA to make compliance easy for you. You’ll avoid expensive government penalties for non-compliance, and you’ll take a significant load off your shoulders. 


Downtime can seriously jeopardize your business, resulting in lost sales, angry customers, and a damaged reputation. If constant downtime is stressing you out, you need better uptime reliability across your organization. Co-location hosting provides you with exactly that. Leading co-location sites guarantee at least 99 percent uptime reliability, and they’re well equipped to deliver on their promise.

Resource Allocation

Outsourcing data center resources lets you free up both storage space in your organization and funds in your bank account. You can spend all that money you’ll save on data center maintenance on far more exciting things, like scaling your business. Why spend time, space, and finances on this aspect of your IT if you really don’t have to?

Before You Go

Solve common IT challenges when you invest in a co-location hosting solution from a reputable co-location vendor like Nuvek. You can reduce downtime, improve resource allocation, enhance security, optimize data backup and recovery, and scale IT infrastructure according to your business’s unique needs but with none of the hassle. 

Get in touch with our friendly team at Nuvek today!

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