4 Trends in the Data Center Industry

Digitalization has seen more businesses shift their operations to the online space to improve service delivery. The COVID-19 pandemic has also significantly contributed to growth in the digital economy and the adoption of new technology as more businesses work remotely. Data centers have played a crucial role in facilitating a seamless integration between business applications and strengthening their network infrastructure to enhance security.

Since the shift towards digitalization is expected to continue in the coming years, the data center industry is poised to grow remarkably. Industry experts project a data center market value of almost $59 billion by 2025. Some of the trends that will shape the data center industry in the years to come include the following:

Greater Need for Data Center-Specific Talent

Getting suitable candidates for data security services in data centers is becoming a big challenge. However, some shortages can be attributed to the accelerated growth in unstructured data, complexity in applications, and the existing infrastructure’s continuous evolution. There is a need to train your staff to handle the sophisticated applications and deliver value to the customers. You can hire industry-specific talent by partnering with universities and other training organizations to find someone with a fresh skillset.

Increased Colocation

As digitalization gains traction, there is an increased demand for colocation data centers to help support the cloud architecture, social media, machine learning, and other servers that provide web interconnectivity. Hyperscale data centers should have high network speed and transmit large volumes of data around the world in a matter of seconds. Also, as healthcare focuses on shifting its operations to the cloud, a colocation data center will be ideal for security and efficiency.

Increased Automation

The ongoing global pandemic has accelerated automation in an attempt to make systems less human reliant. To minimize contact during maintenance, upgrading, system patching, and monitoring, you will need to deploy automation and robotics in facility management while your staff is working remotely. As hyper-scale data centers continue to grow, automation will be automated, and robotics will be used to install servers in racks, swap out servers, monitor sites, and facilitate interconnection.

Automation is also bringing a solution to staffing issues. A recent Uptime Institute survey on data center managers found out that staff issues are still a challenge and that many positions could be automated. When you realize that you can achieve more with a smaller team and limited hiring issues, automation becomes the ideal option.

Data Center Capacity at Internet Speed

The data center industry has rapidly advanced thanks to solid computing power, internet connectivity, and the realization of 5G technology. Edge computing is already taking shape and transforming how data is processed and transmitted across interconnected devices around the globe. 

With the internet of things (IoT) growing rapidly, the need for speed and reliability, and new applications requiring real-time computing power, edge data centers will play a significant role in driving edge computing systems. Data security services are using faster networking technologies to accelerate the creation of real-time applications because that’s what businesses need to remain competitive!

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