What Will Cybersecurity Technology Look Like in the Future?

The future is hard to predict at the best of times, and it’s harder still where cybersecurity technology is concerned. Yet one thing remains certain: the prevalence of cyberattacks in an increasingly remote world.

Cyberattacks are happening daily and in frightening numbers. According to Bloomberg, cybercriminals have accessed billions of records over recent years. They’re responsible for compromising emails, passwords, financial information, and other types of personal and business data. 

By analyzing technology’s latest threats, we can predict the future of cybersecurity and how it will affect businesses worldwide. 

Cybersecurity Technology Will Rely on the Cloud

Everyone is using the Cloud nowadays, whether for personal use on their smartphones or to keep in contact with remote employees. Cloud computing will directly increase the need for cybersecurity technology—and the laws that regulate it.

Have you ever heard of the Shared Responsibility Model? Don’t sweat if you haven’t; the truth is, many business owners haven’t, even though it directly affects their data protection in the Cloud.

Here’s a quick rundown: Cloud providers are responsible for only a small percentage of cloud security. After that, it’s the user’s responsibility to ensure that their data is protected.

Though many people aren’t aware of the Shared Responsibility Model today, we believe it will become increasingly prevalent in the near future. Stay ahead of the learning curve by reading up on it now. Microsoft explains the Shared Responsibility Model in more depth, and if you want to get started, you should check their article out to learn more.

Watch Out for Frequent Cryptojacking

Cryptojacking will occur more often in the future. As Bitcoin and other forms of virtual money rise in popularity, so does this intrusive practice. Cryptojacking gives hackers the ability to mine cryptocurrency using the computer resources of others—including yours. Hackers infect computers through malicious links or online ads with code written to set off the mining process. 

Be careful of what you click. The malicious code is easy to install, runs in the background, and is extremely hard to detect. If your business computers become infected, the only thing you may notice is that the speed of your devices has significantly slowed. This is because the hacker’s code is hogging power to carry out its nefarious task.

Prevent this threat by continually monitoring your computer’s processing systems. Invest in high-quality data protection systems—and before you buy, ask yourself if those security measures will still be relevant five years from now. Only purchase technology that you trust will be successful in the future as well as the present. 

How Can You Protect Your Business Now and in the Future?

Hackers are going to continue to attack companies of all sizes—this will not change. It’s not just big corporations that need IT security support. All Idaho businesses, whether a small ma-and-pa shop or a full-blown enterprise, need cybersecurity technology to protect their assets.

Just as cybercriminals are working to overcome new challenges to collect the data they seek, cybersecurity experts will continue to adapt to the constant and changing threats these hackers pose. 

In the meantime, don’t give hackers the upper hand. Nuvek provides a secure data center that keeps your systems protected from cyberattacks 24/7. Contact us today to learn more.

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